Geometry and shape control

Check the geometrical parameters of your products like their flatness, perpendicularity, parallelism, circularity, etc.


For a perfect fit

Shape or geometry checks of a part is critical if it must be assembled in a system. The clearance vs. interference balance between its constitutive parts must be ensured. For instance, the flatness of a disc brake to provide smooth braking, the circularity of a shaft so that it can be inserted in the bore of a gear, etc. Our solutions use technologies for a simple, fast and accurate geometry control.

  • Contactless measurement

    Contactless measurement with air rings or air plugs is adapted to fast and accurate control of many sorts of parts. It can’t damage the controlled part’s surface.

  • Contact measurement

    Contact measurement employs very accurate tactile sensors to control even small surfaces. It is mostly used in automated systems.

  • Automation

    Our geometry control solutions can be augmented thanks to various automation options like parts conveying, gripping, handling and sorting.

  • Software

    According to the need, our software can provide information for quick decisions (good / bad / unclear), detailed statistical analyses, ensures control traceability, and dynamically adjusts production parameters.

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