Materials control

Check if your materials have the expected composition.


Materials Matter

Materials control is important to guarantee the composition and thus the properties of the materials and parts you manufacture.
Our solutions combine measurement simplicity, speed and accuracy.

  • Magnetic measurements

    The employed method can do non-destructive control of the quantities of magnetic phases. It is used for instance with hard materials (special steels, cemented carbides, etc).

  • X-ray inspection

    Non-destructive X-ray control can detect material failures like cracks. These material health checks are often done in addition to other types of X-ray control.

  • Automation

    Our material control solutions can be augmented thanks to various automation options like parts conveying, gripping, handling and sorting.

  • Software

    According to the need, our software can provide information for quick decisions (good / bad / unclear), detailed statistical analyses, ensures control traceability, and dynamically adjusts production parameters.

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