Check if your products’ dimensions comply with the specified tolerance intervals.


Not too small or too big

Dimensions control may have several goals:

  • ensure the right engineering fit of parts (clearance or interference) that must be assembled,
  • check the use of material quantities
  • or simply guarantee to customers the respect of geometrical product specifications
  • Contactless measurement

    Contactless measurement is adapted to fast and accurate control of many kinds of parts. It can’t damage the controlled part’s surface.

  • Contact measurement

    Contact measurement employs very accurate tactile sensors to control even small surfaces. It is mostly used in automated systems.

  • Inspection by industrial vision

    Dimensions measurement by industrial vision analyses images of the external surface of the inspected part. Its accuracy depends on the frame analyzed. It often used in addition to other types of control.

  • X-ray inspection

    X-ray based dimension measurements can control inside a part or a complex system without opening it. It is often used in addition to other types of control.

  • Automation

    Our dimensions measurement solutions can be augmented thanks to various automation options like parts conveying, gripping, handling and sorting.

  • Software

    According to the need, our software can provide information for quick decisions (good / bad / unclear), detailed statistical analyses, ensures control traceability, and dynamically adjusts production parameters.

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