Thickness control

Check the thickness of your product, online or at-line.


The right thickness

A part’s or film’s thickness provides information about the respect of the quantity / mass of material used, about the compliance with expected mechanical properties, about its density, etc.
Our thickness measurement solutions operate with or without contact. Contactless methods can be used online.

  • Contactless measurement

    Contactless measurement is adapted to fast and accurate at-line control of many kinds of parts. It is ideal for the online control of films and strips. The measurement does not depend on the material’s color or brightness.

  • Contact measurement

    Contact measurement employs very accurate tactile sensors to control even small surfaces. It is mostly used in automated systems.

  • Automation

    Our thickness measurement solutions can be augmented thanks to automation: · conveying, handling and sorting of parts · scrolling of films and strips for online measurement

  • Software

    According to the need, our software can provide information for quick decisions (good / bad / unclear), detailed statistical analyses, ensures control traceability, and dynamically adjusts production parameters.

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