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We offer a range of control solutions for your products, whether they are parts, assemblies, systems, or materials.


Solutions to meet your challenge

Each control further guarantees your product’s quality. SETSMART offers a full range of solutions to meet your industrial control challenges:

  • Versatile measurements, with many specifications controlled on each product.
  • Quality results with sensors that meet or surpass your requirements.
  • Smart control thanks to various automation and data treatment options.
  • Dimensional inspection

    Compliance with the dimensional specifications of mechanical parts is an important issue for their manufacturers. Dimensional inspection in industry relies on a variety of methods, each with its own advantages and limitations. By choosing the appropriate method based on part specifications and application requirements, manufacturers can guarantee the quality and conformity of their products, while optimizing their operational efficiency.

  • Micrometric orifices inspection

    The dimensions of many manufactured parts must be carefully checked to ensure compliance with the required specifications and tolerances.

  • Outer diameter
    SHAFT AXIS-card

    Complying with outer diameter specifications for parts such as tubes, shafts or axles is a challenge for their manufacturers. Pneumatic, tactile or optical methods can address these needs.

  • Inner diameter

    Accurately checking the dimensional tolerances of bores ensures their proper fit (clearance and interference) when assembled with a mechanical shaft.

  • Appearance inspection

    Appearance inspection, at the heart of manufacturing quality, involves the detailed examination of manufactured products to detect any surface defects that might compromise their quality or aesthetics. Manufacturers who succeed in meeting these challenges can benefit from improved product quality, greater customer satisfaction and market competitiveness. In this crucial area, machine vision technology plays an essential role, enabling fast, accurate and detailed inspection of manufactured objects, as well as full traceability of inspection results.

  • Geometry tolerance

    Ensuring compliance with the geometric specifications of mechanical parts is a major challenge for manufacturers. Checking these specifications relies on a variety of metrology methods. By selecting the method best suited to the specific characteristics of the part and the requirements of the application, manufacturers can ensure the quality and conformity of their products, while improving their operational efficiency.

  • Thickness

    Thickness measurement provides information on product quality and performance, as well as on the associated manufacturing processes.

  • Internal defect

    Non-destructive inspection, especially by industrial radiography, is applied to the search for internal defects in assembled products.

  • Materials

    Controlling materials, and more specifically their composition or structure, is essential to guarantee the conformity of certain products.

  • Multiple Measurements

    To get a complete picture of the quality of a complex part, multiple checks may be necessary, and various approaches may be considered.

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