Your Control Challenge

We offer a range of control solutions for your products, whether they are parts, assemblies, systems, or materials.


Solutions to meet your challenge

Each control further guarantees your product’s quality. SETSMART offers a full range of solutions to meet your industrial control challenges:

  • Versatile measurements, with many specifications controlled on each product.
  • Quality results with sensors that meet or surpass your requirements.
  • Smart control thanks to various automation and data treatment options.
  • Dimensions

    Check if your products’ dimensions comply with the specified tolerance intervals.

  • Nozzles & Apertures

    Check the diameter of apertures and microchannels and that they are not obstructed.

  • Shafts & Axes
    SHAFT AXIS-card

    Check their outer diameters and their shape parameters.

  • Diameters

    Check the internal or external diameters of any kind of parts, regardless of their constitutive materials.

  • Surface Defects

    Check the aspect of your parts and your systems’ assembly.

  • Geometry

    Check the geometrical parameters of your products like their flatness, perpendicularity, parallelism, circularity, etc.

  • Thickness

    Check the thickness of your product, online or at-line.

  • X-ray inspection

    Check the assembly and material’s integrity of your systems without opening them.

  • Materials

    Check if your materials have the expected composition.

  • Multiple Measurements

    Combine one or more control techniques with manufacturing operations like cutting, folding, etc.

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