Industrial Control Technologies for Industry 4.0

Whether you’re interested in controlling dimensions, diameters or geometric parameters, inspecting surface defects, or checking assembly or composition, industrial control technologies will provide you with the solutions to meet your product quality and productivity challenges.

What control technologies are best for my activity?

A wide range of metrology and industrial control technologies are available to meet various inspection needs, with a view to ensuring reliability and productivity, as well as optimum product quality. The following pages provide information on the principles behind these technologies, their fields of application and their contribution to the industries concerned.

  • Pneumatic Measurement

    It is carried out using pneumatic comparators and air plug gauges. This control technology is fast and accurate. It is non-contact, so there is no risk of damage to the inspected part.

  • Tactile measurement

    It uses high-precision LVDT sensors or touch probes to carry out inspections even on small surfaces. It is often used as part of automated systems.

  • X-ray imaging

    Industrial radiography offers the advantage of checking the inside of an assembly without having to open it. It is often used in automated systems.

  • Industrial vision

    Industrial machine vision and optical metrology technologies analyze images of the external surface of the inspected part.

  • Magnetic measurement

    It is used for non-destructive testing of magnetic phases, particularly in the manufacture of hard metal tools (special steels, carbides, etc.).

  • Industrial automation

    Industrial automation bring significant reliability and productivity gains to measurement technologies.

  • Software

    Software is used to provide quick decision-making information (good/bad/questionable), more detailed analysis (statistics, image analysis) and to ensure traceability of control and inspection data.

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