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The full potential of our solutions can’t be realized without excellent software & AI.


Setsmart Industrial control Software

Our software collates a large amount of industrial data, analyzes the results, automates measurements and controls, and generates reliable and sophisticated reports. Our developments use .Net, C++, Visual Basic, or Labview. The developed functions include industrial data management, IT (signal and image processing), Supervision, Control / Command, Network, HMI.


μCATI Software for enhanced dimension control

μCATI is Setsmart’s software solution to enhance the dimensions and geometry controls of most METRIX lines products. It includes an easier than ever interface and enables control data tracking. Its statistical module provides information to analyze the performance of your manufacturing process, and its reporting module generates reliable and sophisticated reports.

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Artificial Intelligence

Whether the goal of smart industry is to improve its product offer, achieve total quality, improve manufacturing processes or profitability, it is focused on new digital technologies, sensors, robots, cobots and smart machines. Our solutions, that integrate these technologies and which we design and install, help streamline production processes. They can integrate image analysis control for object recognition, mathematical models to simplify the development of reliable monitoring protocols, alert systems for when a part is out of specification, and launch immediate corrective actions.


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