Check your parts meticulously, because in the watchmaking industry, every detail counts.

In the watchmaking industry, everyone is striving for perfection. Our inspection solutions enable you to accurately check the quality of even the smallest assemblies, and detect even the smallest surface defects, to meet the demands of this industry.


  • Incorrect assembly

    Once your watch dial or bracelet has been manufactured, it is sometimes difficult, if not impossible, to check its various mechanisms. Our automated vision and X-ray inspection solutions can check even complex assemblies for the presence of mechanical and/or electronic parts, the quality of welds, the absence of cracks, etc…

  • Surface defects

    For aesthetic and/or functional reasons, automatic, reliable machine vision control can meet the demands of the luxury sector, promising a customer experience and finished product worthy of watchmaking excellence.

Our solutions for the watchmaking industry


  • X-rays
Industrial radiography is a non-destructive technique used to examine the internal structure of assembled objects. This method is one of the non-destructive testing techniques used to check various control points without damaging the object. Thanks to the digitization of X-ray images and the image analysis software used, inspections are both highly versatile and perfectly traceable.
  • Industrial vision
An image of the object is taken by a suitable sensor. The inspection is carried out using image processing software, which detects the presence of a defect (scratch, mark, etc.) on the surface of the part, or the absence of a part. Find out more about industrial vision.


  • Inspex OUT

    For high throughput and precise inspection of the assembly, aspect, or surface finish of your products.

  • Inspex IN

    For non-destructive testing of the inside of assembled products.

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