Electronics & Consumer Goods


Ensure the quality of your products by controlling part or all of your production.

In these demanding markets, SETSMART offers solutions for online or at-line industrial control, and the integration of manufacturing steps like folding, cutting, etc.
They are designed to fulfill the requirements of large-scale production: easy, fast, reliable and quickly profitable.

  • Incorrect assembly

    Assemblies require careful control, especially when they integrate electronics. Our solutions inspect these assemblies at high rates, thanks to the combination of automation technologies with industrial vision and/or X-rays. Typically, inspection focuses on the presence of mechanical and electronic parts, on mechanical fit, on soldering quality, and on the absence of material failure.

  • Film thickness

    We offer solutions for the control of the thickness of various materials like plates, films, pads, tablets, or pellets. The measurement can be with static parts, or online with a moving material eg. with films at an extruder’s outlet.

  • Apertures

    Some parts produced at large scale must have small apertures eg nozzles for gas boilers, or for water jet cleaners. Our control solutions simply and reliably check the diameter of these apertures and that the parts aren’t obstructed.


  • Inspex IN

    For non-destructive testing of the inside of assembled products.

  • Inspex OUT

    For high throughput and precise inspection of the assembly, aspect, or surface finish of your products.

  • FLEX

    Versatile solutions, designed with you to meet your needs.

  • Metrix FILM

    For thickness measurements, offline or online, on static or moving films or parts.