Medical & Pharmaceutical


Ensure the quality of your medical devices for the best user experience

Numerous medical devices are based on complex mechanical systems or are produced in large series. Or both.
Efficient control of their dimensions and assembly is crucial to guarantee their quality and user experience.

  • Apertures

    Certain medical parts and equipment such as sprays or syringes use very small apertures ( nozzles, needles, cannulas. etc). Our solutions control the internal diameters of these apertures and ensure they are obstruction-free.

  • Geometrical Product Specifications

    Some parts in medical devices must comply with geometrical tolerances. This is more relevant if the parts move, like in protheses, syringes, pumps, etc. It can avoid clearance or friction effects. With our dimensional control solutions, you can simply and reliably check how parts respect tolerances.

  • Incorrect assembly

    It may be difficult if not impossible to control most medical devices without damaging or disassembling them. Our automated control solutions using vision or X-rays can check assemblies for the presence of mechanical and electronic parts, for soldering quality and for the absence of material failure etc.


  • Metrix ID

    For controlling internal diameters of apertures and internal diameters and shape defects of bores.

  • Metrix OD

    For the automated control of outer diameters of shafts, tubes, and other cylindrical objects.

  • Metrix GEO

    For controlling the geometry of parts with well-specified shapes : straightness, perpendicularity, parallelism, roundness, coaxiality, etc.

  • Metrix FILM

    For thickness measurements, offline or online, on static or moving films or parts.

  • Inspex IN

    For non-destructive testing of the inside of assembled products.

  • Inspex OUT

    For high throughput and precise inspection of the assembly, aspect, or surface finish of your products.

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